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Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Why didn't you go to the Dr.?"

This is a little out of order in my trying to give a 6 year history but needs to be said and its too long to add to another post.

When things first started happening to me no one ever said "you should go to a Dr." When I fell the first time at the races we all thought I had just fell because I was walking along the top of the bleachers and not where I should have been walking. When I fell in the parking lot I had on high healed sandals so what, I fell. Yes I had cut my leg and didn't feel it but, hey it didn't hurt. Who goes to the Dr because they cut their leg, unless its a huge gash that needs stitches?  but I did go to chiropractor when my fingers went numb and he said I had pinched a nerve. When I took a nose dive off the porch I went to the Dr and they said I was fine, continue with chiropractor treatments.

          Growing up in my family we didn't go to the Dr for every little thing. If you had a cold you stayed home from school & slept till you felt better then went back to school. If you had the flu as long as the fever wasn't over 101 you stayed in bed with Tylenol and slept till you felt better with no fever, If fever went over 101 you went to Dr. If you cut yourself and you couldn't see muscle or bone, you cleaned it with peroxide to get the dirt to bubble out, put neosoprine and a bandaide on it and went on with what ever you were doing. Just more carefully. If you hurt your leg or arm or what ever, can you move it? if so, it aint broke go on with what you were doin, but be careful.

            The Doctor was for something SERIOUS. So no I didn't think I needed to go to the Dr until it was REALLY SERIOUS. Even then I didn't truly believe there was something seriously wrong. I was in the prime of my life! Why should I have thought something serious was wrong with me? In my shoes most people would act the same way I did. Explain why I fell, explain why my fingers were numb, explain why I had trouble getting up from a chair. Explain why I couldn't hook my bra or zip my pants. I had a viable reason for everything and not one reason was because I had a serious illness.

Ok, tune in next time & I will either post about my family & friends or my bloodclot

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