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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another year...OLDER!

Hi Peeps,
I hope y'all have been feeling as well as I have lately. I had ANOTHER birthday, dang things keep making me older. I'm happy they keep coming, but dang, do they have to increase our age? Well, NO they don't. I don't feel any older than I did last year at this time & I don't look any older, so I'm not. I actually feel SO much better than I did last year at this time. Last year at this time I was beginning another exacerbation (I'm getting better at spelling that, at least now I'm close enough to get it in spell check!). Last year my hands were constantly on fire & I was losing strength on a daily basis. This year my hands aren't burning unless I work them a little too much & my strength is the best it has been in 7 & 1/2 years! I can't pick up a 50lb sack of flour but I can pick up a 25lb bag of potting soil! Yes, it's January & I said potting soil. I live in Florida remember? It's 82 degrees out. Now, I can't carry the potting soil far but hey, I CAN pick it up! My balance is better, not awesomely perfect but it is as good as I get so I'm happy & so is my Doctor. My endurance is better, but not as good as I thought it was as was evident when I tried to wash my car yesterday.

Silly me, I thought "I feel great, I had my IVIG last week I have the energy to wash my grungy car. So I pull it around the back by the shed & grab the hose, a bucket, soap & a sponge and got to work. I sprayed the car down & start washing. I get not quite half way through the driver's side & said "Damn, this is harder than I thought." but I kept going. I got the driver's side done & moved on to the roof. I got half way done & lost my balance but was able to hang on till the blonde one was able to get over to the other side of the car to help me so I could step out of the door jam and back onto the ground. So after that I just stood & watched her finish & rinsed when she was done. I was so tired I had to take a nap! I'll vacuum it next week after my muscles recover! But my car is so clean I didn't recognize it in the parking lot of the restaurant where we had lunch today! Lol, silly me. Next year when I wash it again, I'll take it to the car wash & let the machine do it for me.

Back to the potting soil. Last week we started my herb garden. I haven't had a good herb garden in a few years, just didn't feel good enough to do it so this year it's gonna be great. I got boxwood basil, oregano, chives, pineapple sage (it has pretty red blossoms) and an orange mint. If you like mint in your tea or water I highly recommend this variety of mint if you can find it. It has a beautiful light orange scent & flavor to it. Also if you like basil I recommend the boxwood variety. it looks like a boxwood hedge, but its stems aren't as "woody" as traditional sweet basil is and the leaves are tiny, no need to chop them to use them. I still need to get thyme, parsley (i like flat leaf) & cilantro to complete my herb garden. I may find something else to add but that's a good start. I wish I could keep dill alive but I just keep killing it. I think it just gets too hot in Florida for it. I can't wait to make some herb jelly & flavored oils & vinegars again. I love to cook with fresh herbs. I want to plant a pepper plant & maybe a tomato plant and I saw some seeds for some colorful Swiss chard that I want to try too.

What does gardening have to do with CIDP? Well, it is something you can easily do with CIDP. I plant everything in pots, it makes it so much easier. It takes less time & water to water plants in pots than when in the ground. If you get different size pots you can make a nice arrangement close to your water source so you don't have to drag your water hose the entire 50 feet it reaches, then water, then drag the hose back & roll it up. That in its self will tire you out. This time of year I can water every other day. As we get into March everything needs water more often but then June hits & our rainy season starts & I can take a break till mid August.

Living with CIDP is about finding balance. You do what you can when you can & try not to stress out over what you aren't currently able to do. My Doctor told me. "There is no 'I can't' there is only 'I am CURRENTLY not able to'". I thought that was a great way of thinking of it.

Speaking of Dr. C. I saw her the day after Christmas & she was so happy with my progress. She doesn't want to change a thing. So I am staying on IVIG for 3 days every 3 weeks. Total of 160gms over the three days.

Till next time, keep safe.

Always believe in the magic of life.