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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Can't wait to get on the road again

Its been an exciting 2 months for me. I went out with the girls for my twin's birthday. We went to the rising star in Orlando at city walk. Its a karaoke bar, I'm not a singer but my twin is & she sang her heart out with a live band & back up singers. It was great. Nice to get out like a normal human for a change.

Pics from dinner that night. Top is me & twin (I'm the blonde)
Bottom twin, me, peach & jj

The other exciting event is that Memorial day I got a bike & have been able to ride it! Memorial day I only went around my house 1 time. It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I got a single speed cruiser thinking it would be easier not having to deal with gears. I also got a 24" because i could put my feet flat on the ground while sitting on the seat. The 26" seemed too big. Well, I was mistaken. So I returned it & got a 7 speed 26". Aside from the first bike being more difficult than I thought I was all scrunched up because it was too small to ride. I got a bike with gears because the men in my family pointed out to me that it would actually be easier because I could use 1 st gear in the yard & the small incline at the end of my road & use a harder gear the rest of the time. (Men can be useful at times) so when I got home I tried out the bike in 1st gear & oh my god, what a difference that made. I rode to the end of my road & back, about 300 ft. I was so proud & TIRED! Thankfully I live on a dead end road so no traffic during the afternoon. I wanted to keep going but my better sense kicked in. The next day I rode about 400 ft & I got a basket for my dog to give him a ride. He loves it & he settles down & just watches everything. Let me tell ya, adding a 15lb dog to the handle bars makes it a whole body work out! On Friday I went just a little too far & almost had to call someone to come get me but I made it back. I didn't ride the next day just to be safe. 
But what an accomplishment! A cidp'er on a bike! With a dog, no less! 
"Dorothy & Toto"
Since this picture was taken we have added a rounded bar to the axle just inside the forks that goes up underneath the basket to make it more secure & now I'm a little more confident that the dog isn't going to fall. I ride about a 1/2 mile a day now. Except when its raining (Florida rainy season just started) and the last 2 days because of my IVIG infusion I've just been too tired. But I'll have more energy and can resume on Friday, Thursday I'm going to the Y to go swimming with a friend and I don't want to over do it. Its funny, every evening as it starts to cool down my dog, piggy, comes bugging me to go out & ride. He's addicted, its almost as bad as his peanut butter addiction! But if I don't go out and at least push him around the yard, he pouts! He's going to be worse than a drill sargent, but it's good motivation.
This weekend is another friend's birthday & we're going to dave & busters (chucky cheese for adults) and mini golf. First time for that since I got sick too, can't wait!Now just to decide what to do for my 8 year anniversary of CIDP. I celebrate it now. It still sucks but any reason to hang with the girls is a good reason. Just because I got this crummy disease doesn't mean my life ended, it just changed and I learned how to adapt. As long as I feel good I'm going to live it cause you don't know what tomorrow will bring.
Till next time, stay safe & well and always believe in the magic of life.