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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What a hectic life

Its been a while since I posted anything. First I broke my foot, then I got sick, then internet problems. If you have read some of my other posts you know that I had a relapse of my CIDP symptoms begining in January and cresting (as I like to call it) in  February then I started to feel better. Well I was feeling really good April 25 and decided to open the gate when we were leaving one afternoon so that mom didn't have to do it. (I hadn't been driving or walking in the yard because I didn't feel strong enough) So I made it 2 steps & stepped on something and my foot rolled and I went down like a sack of taters. I was able to get up off the ground on my own, which I wouldn't have been able to do a few weeks earlier, and my foot hurt but not real bad so I cleaned the scrape on my knee & we left to go to town. When we got to walmart my foot was hurting more than when I had fallen but still, I could walk on it so, I did. When I got home it was screaming at me.

I thought about going to the ER, but what do they do for a broken foot? They take x-rays, put you in a boot & send you to an orthapedic doctor. Yeah they give you something for pain but I have some left over pain meds from my LAST broken foot, I didn't need anymore. So I had mom look for my boot from the last time. I figured if I still had it I would use it & if the pain got worse then I would go to the doctor...well aparently during a "spring cleaning" we threw out the boot. So I called a local pharmacy/medical supply. I figured if it wasn't real expensive I would just buy one and if  pain got worse then I'd go to the doctor. (if you haven't noticed my now, I hate to go to the doctor unless its my fabulous Dr. C, my neurologist) Well a boot was $130! yes I said one hundred and thirty dollars! FOR A FLIPPIN' BOOT!

So I said ok, I'll go to the walkin clinic, then the x-rays & boot will go on my insurance. they took 2 x-rays, told me yes, its broken, go to an orthapedic doctor, heres something for the pain. They werent even going to put me in a boot they were giving me the boot...out the door! I had to ask for a boot and the Dr said "Oh, yeah, I forgot" and got the nurse to get me one. I didn't bother going to the orthapedic doctor because when I broke my other foot he took more x-rays and said to come back in 4 weeks. then in 4 weeks he took more x-rays and said I was good to go. So if this break wasn't as bad as the last one I saw no point in going for more x-rays and doctor bills. Now my foot is still tender on the top where it bruised but it feels fine.

Then I got a cold in May, but IVIG knocked it out so that wasn't too bad. And my internet connection sucked so I couldn't post, but now I have verizon internet so hopefully all will go smoothly from here. If you haven't noticed, I added a link to my etsy shop.(its on the right side of the screen) I have about 8 necklaces up for sale currently that I have made. They are all so pretty and I made them with my burning, shakeing hands all by myself! So tell your friends about my shop on the etsy website. It's a way to make a few extra bucks to buy my dog treats :) We CIDPers need to stick together & support eachother.

Always believe in the magic of life.

Live vicariously through others...its safer for us that way!