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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Hey ya'll,
Happy New Year!
We survived another Holiday season.    :)
I'm feeling great & I hope ya'll are too. Of course here in Florida the weather was beautiful for Christmas. Christmas eve my brother & mom & I went to see The Hobbit. (highly recommend) and Christmas day all 4 of us went to see American Hustle (highly recommend that also) While standing in line on Christmas day I realized that I was completely comfortable. I wasn't panicked by the crowd like I would have been if I had gone to see Catching Fire on opening night like my friends did. I wasn't afraid that someone was going to run by & bump into me throwing me off balance & winding up face first on the theater floor. I wasn't panicked by the stairs & when we left I didn't have to hold everyone up like I usually do. And I wasn't wearing my trademark tennis shoes, I had on boots with a heel! Now granted the boots have a rubber sole with a chunky 1" heel but still, not my flat tennis shoes. It got me wondering, was my secure feeling because I was with the 3 people in the world that I have complete & utter faith in? Was it because I can now get up off the floor without any assistance (something I thought I'd never be able to do). Was it because the line to see American Hustle was adults & not the screaming giddy tween & teen girls that would have been in line to see Catching Fire? Or was it my kick ass 1"heel boots that I feel the closest to my pre CIDP self in?

 Before I got sick I wore 3" heels on a daily basis to work & stood on my feet all day long. (I could have worn the 5" heels with ease had they been in style back then.) I always stood tall with my shoulders back & head held high on a daily basis & felt confident everywhere I went. I've had CIDP over 8 years now & haven't felt confident in a pair of heels since. It's silly that a pair of shoes could make a difference but they do. I went to the mall the day after Christmas (I'm a masochist, I know) & I wore the boots & again felt complete confidence. No one was going to push me around! I noticed that while wearing those boots my posture is back to the confident stable woman I was 9 years ago (I say 9 years because I got sick at 30 & I will be 39 on the 3rd of January and 30 started out great, it was in July that things went south). So yeah, a part of why I felt safe was my shoes! The rest is because of my family being with me. They keep me grounded & safe. They will never let anyone hurt me without first throwing themselves in front of me. I would do the same for them so it's a toss up who's body winds up on the top of the pile. lol

I still have pain but it isn't so much of the burning that we typically experience. Mine is more in my hips & legs, it isn't from wearing my heels like some of you may be thinking, I just got the heels & I've had this hip pain so long I can't remember when it started. My shoulders hurt too & my hands and my left foot from when I broke it years ago, but not too much burning. The last few days I have had burning in my hands but I've crocheted 8 hats in the last month so I know I've done too much. I'm making them for the local cancer resource center. January is Florida's coldest month but we have cold snaps through February & the beginning of March so I wanted to get as many done as I could before then so that they have some warm hats for winter. The local resource center is great. A family friend volunteers there and she gave us a tour & told us about it. Everything they have they give to patients. Bras & prosthetics, hats, scarves, literature. Infusion pillows, wigs I'm not sure what else. They have meeting rooms for support groups & computers for those that don't have Internet access to come in & use their computers & Internet to research their treatments & what not. It's really a great place & her story touched my heart so Maribel & I have been making blankets & hats and donating them. They just love it and the blankets are taken pretty much they day I take them in. It feels good to be able to give something to someone that needs it. I had a few wonderful people help me when I needed it so now I can do something for someone else.

I don't have anymore funny stories about me falling down cause I haven't fallen in a year & a half! YEA me! I do wobble & walk like I'm drunk if I don't take enough breaks or hold the buggy when grocery shopping. And I did run into a wall & bounce back into a display stand at the mall, that was freaking hilarious. (I was wearing tennis shoes at the time!) I told the sales girl it was my first day on shore & I was getting my land legs back. But I swear, the wall jumped in front of me just to screw with me...stupid wall. Come to think of it, I run into walls a lot, it must be a conspiracy. I constantly have bruises on my arms from walking into things. Maybe someone will get me bubble wrap for my birthday. lol Maybe I need to wear my boots every day, I haven't bumped into anything while wearing them!

Speaking of my birthday, this years birthday bash we having a "progressive" party. appetizers at one restaurant then mini golf, then dinner at another restaurant then dessert at another restaurant then karaoke then end the night with starbucks! Oh what fun we'll have. Next year will be 40, I'm thinking tattoos. It will be my 10th anniversary with CIDP & I already have the design in mind I just have to find a good tattoos artist to draw it then tattoo it. I may get my ear pierced this year. just depends on my available funds. (masochist! lol)

Till next time keep believing in the magic of life...