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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The first OMG moment

So I had a spinal tap that said I had high proteins that confirmed to the Dr that I had GBS. I had a central line put in (2 times first one didn't work) and my first oil change done. We did an oil change every other day and by the time we got to the last one I just wanted to go home. I convinced the Dr to let me out and I would come back as an outpatient for the last treatment on Monday and I would see him in his office as soon as he wanted me. (I don't remember how soon that was) So instead of going back to my home my parents wanted me to come stay with them till I was better because if something happened I would be alone if my brother was working (he was on call with the RR 24/7/365) so I slept in their room and they slept in my old room on a blow up mattress (with a slow leak). I visited with my cats and slept in "my own bed" and went back to the hospital on Monday for my last treatment and to have the line removed.

The treatment went fine and Judy called the Dr to come take the line out. I'll call her Dr Duh. Judy was packing up her things and wishing me well. She had seen many cases of GBS and seen how well I was doing and had complete confidence that I would keep getting better and have a full recovery. Dr.Duh came in and took the bandage off my line & pulled on it, HARD. Now, I was in a recliner laying back because I was nauseated from the treatment, so when she pulled on that line & it didn't come right out it HURT. (Nausea is my body's reaction to pain) so when she pulled I got more sick. She just says "Oh that's not the type of line I thought it was. You lay there and I'll check your chart and be right back." My mom was PISSED and said a few choice words to her that I won't repeat. The Dr walked to the nurses station and came back in with a kit to remove the line.

This time she successfully removed the line, she slapped a bandaid on it and left. No pressure on the wound, no instructions, nothing just left. The line was in my jugular vein and the hole was roughly the size of a quarter and she just literally stuck a bandaid on it. Judy already left so mom and I were alone in the room. The nausea finally overcame me and I started to wretch. I had sat up because I felt it coming and knew I couldn't stop it. I opened my mouth to say help and, well you get the picture. But as I heaved pressure went to my neck and the bandaid flew off my neck as blood spewed from my jugular vein. It was a seen right out of Grey's anatomy. I was covered in blood, still heaving and scared out of my mind. All I could think was, this is it, people bleed out within seconds from a jugular wound, I'm gone. I looked at mom and said "I love you".

When she saw the blood she just put her hands around my throat and started to squeeze and yelled "HELP SHE'S BLEEDING" to the nurses station, which was by the grace of God, right outside the door. 2 nurses came running, one didn't even stop for gloves, and they took mom's place and thankfully stopped the bleeding and eased my panic. They applied pressure for about 15 minutes and PROPERLY bandaged the wound. They kept me there for about an hour to be sure I was ok. I had to go home in a hospital gown because my clothes were soaked through all the way to my shoes & socks.

Looking back we probably should have caused a stir about the lack of proper care, but I was ok and I was just happy to be alive. I didn't know how much more I was in for.

Well that's all for this post. Tune in next for my blood clot story. :)

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  1. Holy mackerel! That is one crazy story, I can't believe there's more to come. Thank God you came out alive, I have a feeling I'll be saying this again. Whew!