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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The DVT (blood clot)

Now on to my DVT, fancy name for a blood clot. I had been out of the hospital about a week, give or take a few days, and my right arm seemed a little swollen on Saturday night. I hadn't been told to watch out for anything when I was released from the hospital. My doctors had told me that the plasma pheresis would remove my clotting factors so I had no reason to suspect that one would form. On Sunday morning I woke up and my right arm was so swollen my bracelet was making an indention. My mom took me to the ER and after hours of waiting a sonogram was done (by a girl I graduated with that my brother had gone out with, that I didn't particularly like, but she was professional so it was ok) and it was diagnosed that I had a DVT, deep vein thrombosis. Just a fancy way of saying a blood clot. I'm sure there is technically a difference, but honestly blood has clotted in your veins. I'm just sayin' if you aren't a doctor its the same thing.

So I was admitted again, given lovonox shots and had a few more tests. After my stay in that hospital and after I got a new doctor, I found out that it was actually pretty serious. My DVT started at the incision in my neck, from the tube for my plasma pheresis treatments, and traveled all the way down almost to my elbow! It was something that could have been prevented, or at the least not been so bad, had my Dr listened to Judy, my plasma nurse. If I had really thought about it I would have suspected something like that could happen. Any time you stick any kind of foreign object into your body your immune system kicks in and attacks it. A tube in my neck was a foreign object and my immune system was already confused and attacking me, I should have known. But shoulda, coulda, woulda never helps, so what is, is. I just hope someone reads this and it sticks in their minds for the future.

I was suppose to return to work the Monday after I was admitted so I had to call in and tell them I was in the hospital...again. They were real good about it and told me to get well and let them know how I was doing and when I could return. On Wednesday my Dr, Dr greasy. I call him that because when I first started seeing him he was well spoken, clean cut, physically fit and very personable. But he let himself go. He grew a shaggy beard, not a nice beard like my dad, a shaggy one, like ZZ Top only not as long. He gained weight and must have forgot how to wash his hair, hence Dr greasy. I found out later that he was having an affair with one of his partner's wives and the practice was in the process of tossing him out. One of his partners was his wife's brother. (I live in a small town and am friends with a few members of the local country club so I get all the good gossip, even if it is a little late) So anyway Dr greasy came in and told me I could go home and to make an appointment in a week to have my blood checked and blood thinner medication adjusted if necessary.

So my DVT wasn't a horrid experience (thank God) but it was part of my CIDP experience so I thought I would write about it.

"Stay thirsty my friends" "May the force be with you" and Believe in the magic of life.

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  1. Good information Cheryl, something to definitely keep in mind during the SCT, as will be getting some of those tubes in me soon. Thanks for the info!