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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Conversations with myself

I was having a Philosophical conversation with my dog earlier and I had an epiphany. (I know! Right! An epiphany! The whole talking to the dog thing is completely normal, but an epiphany, wow.)  I realized that to me a star is the symbol of God, not a cross. A cross is a symbol of Jesus, which I do believe is the only son of God, but a star is a symbol of God. Here are several reasons why, they are just now clicking together into my reasoning.

1)      A star is in the sky, or the Heavens you may say.

2)      My dog pointed out that his given name is Sirius and that Sirius, is a star located in the constellation Canis Major. (He is so intuitive!) The story of Orion & Sirius is interesting, I'll look it up and get back to ya with it, I don't remember it at the moment.

3)      Dog is God spelled backwards, coincidence, or divine intervention?

4)      My dog has healed my family. We had lost my Grandma and my other dog in the year before we got him and there was a hole in the family.

5)      There are 5 pints to my star of choice, in some customs a 5 pointed star represents a person. I see God in people, not buildings.

6)      A pentagram is actually a sign of protection, not a sign of the devil, God is the ultimate protection.  

7)      I named my dog after Sirius Black from Harry Potter, Sirius was Harry’s GOD-father & I always felt that Sirius meant hope to Harry, what does God represent to me? HOPE.

8)      My dog is the reason I chose to fight to get my CIDP under control and not let it control me. Well, ok, my dog & my mom but that’s a story for another post. 

              I’m sure I’ll think of more reasons later, the human mind is adept at spotting patterns even if the pattern is only IN OUR MINDS. But today I would like to wish all mothers, a happy mother’s day, from the bottom of my heart. You are the reason we all strive to do our best. Our dads are awesome, but who do we all want when we are sick? Our moms. Nothing compares to a mother’s love. No one is prouder of our accomplishments than our moms, no one is more encouraging than our moms and no one over looks our failures like our moms. Any woman can have a child but it takes a special woman to be a mom and I got the best one. 

              Just to clarify how our conversation came about. Every night when I am ready for bed he jumps up on the bed for a hug. Most nights he gets his hug and then goes to his room for the night. (his room is the bathroom currently) but tonight I pulled him into my arms and cuddled him like a baby and talked to him about what fun I had yesterday hanging out with my mom and Maribel. We went to Universal studios islands of adventure & hung out in the wizzarding world of Harry Potter most of the day. I talk and he listens and then uses telepathy to tell me what he wants to add to the conversation, he doesn’t talk. We have conversations about once or twice a week. He is very smart. I may start renting him out as therapy. Not only can he help solve your mental problems he can make you healthier, by spending time with him your blood pressure will actually go down, mine does.
Always believe in the magic of life, cause it believes in you.

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